Banning sees his first plane as a teenager

Banning was born in 1899–the dawn of the Golden Age of Flight. This was the same year that the Wright Brothers embarked on their quest to build a flying machine! 14 years later, Banning saw his very first airplane–a pusher plane–that was being flown in an airshow in Canton, Oklahoma. Find out more about his adventure by watching the video. 

What happens when a plane stalls?

What happens when a plane stalls? Most people think the engine loses power, but that is not true. The engine is still operating but the plane stops moving through the air. Notice in the stall that the propeller is still turning, but the plane is not moving. Steve Koch, owner of Classic Biplane Tours, actually goes into a stall and then explains what to do to keep the plane from going into a spin and crashing. Anyone learning to fly is taught what to do in a stall because new flyers won’t automatically react in a way that helps. A common mistake is trying to take the plane up when you really need to push the stick forward and speed up!! But imagine in a panic deciding to head faster towards the ground!! Not likely your first reaction.