Want this exhibit in your school, library, museum?

Want the children in your area to understand that the perception of American His-story is constantly changing as new discoveries are found and shared? Your community can be a part of this exciting revelation by hosting the “On Freedom’s Wings” exhibit. We are committed sharing the story of James Herman Banning–a truly amazing aviation hero.

Help us help you bring this exhibit to your community!

TASM and the Greatest Stories Never Told organization currently have no national sponsors underwriting the costs, but we want to help ensure your community has the opportunity to host this exciting new exhibit.


We want to partner with your community in fundraising!

  • We can and will help your community identify funders;
  • We will even approach funders on your behalf if you wish;
  • We can help you fine-tune your request to meet a potential funder’s underwriting requirements;
  • We have developed a set of wonderful talking points when approaching a funder;

So let us help!

Contact Pat Smith and Louisa Jaggar by writing info@onfreedomswings.org to get started.