Louisa Jaggar is the creator and coauthor of the Smithsonian’s Saving Stuff.

Saving Stuff (Fireside 2005) received national attention and was featured in Parade Magazine as a Parade Picks, The Washington Post, Real Simple, Country Living, on NPR’s All Things Considered, as well as many other venues. She has written for the Washington Post and Real Simple magazine and given numerous radio and TV interviews. She served as lead writer on over fifteen national science curriculum guides for the Smithsonian, PBS, Chicago’s Field Museum, the United States Navy, and others. Louisa Jaggar won the 1994 Smithsonian award for Best in School Programs for her part in creating the Smithsonian Institution’s community-based educational program Learning is a Family Experience. Jaggar’s strength rests not only in her writing and creativity, but in her marketing and PR abilities. Jaggar organized the national tour for Saving Stuff; in which the Smithsonian’s affiliate museums hosted the authors of the book in venues across the country.

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